Fringe Percussion acknowledges the support of the British Columbia Arts Council through its Professional Project Assistance and Music Commissioning Awards programs, and the Canada Council for the Arts

through its Career Development Program and grants for Specialized Sound Recording.

fringe percussion

Fringe Percussion is an ensemble dedicated to presenting works from the contemporary Western art music and non-Western repertories. It strives to strengthen the voice of local composers and global musical traditions through innovative programming, artistic collaboration, and dedication to musical excellence.

The ensemble’s repertoire connects to the expressive cultural traditions of Bali, China, Cuba, Japan, Ghana, and India. Fringe Percussion recognizes the vitality, beauty, and artistry inherent to world musics, and wishes to bring them to wider audiences. In so doing, Fringe Percussion’s perspective is especially important. It communicates with many generations and many cultures, connecting well to the multifaceted, multicultural nature of the contemporary music scene.

fringe percussion from left to right: Martin Fisk, Brian Nesselroad,

Jonathan Bernard, and Daniel Tones.

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